@maique must go to Lisboa!

@revidwerd your swedish is very good.

@helgeg thanks

@jessekelber thanks

@revidwerd kul med någon annan från Sverige på mb. Annars är det bara jag @jemostrom @g

@revidwerd That must be Stockholm!

@peterimoore do you have any other suggestions? Haven’t read any books on minimalism.

@maique imagine that.

@jack I love iA writer.

@maique great series of photos.

@vincent seems interesting. Please come back with a review.

@pcora I have an invite for you if you need?

@maique That’s crazy inside! I have to get out at least once a day to stay sane.

@maique what feedreader are you using?

@ajennische maybe the right angle on this is that every platform is to be seen as a community in itself. Just look at Micro.Blog, the most posted here is directed to the community itself, not to the World Wide Web. Maybe that’s why the tone and the vibe here are very kind (and very much into code and programming).

@ajennische or a tight relationship with fellow bloggers on that same platform.

@maique so true. sometimes I tend to analyze names and such a bit too much though. Who else cares, really?

@maique :) bad at decision making

@maique humantraces.blot.im A bit like yours. I take pictures of interesting things I see during walks and runs. Not only stickers though. And sometimes I might write a small piece.

@maique hi! It’s exhausting but fun. How are you with everything. Like your blot blog so much I had to start my own.

@jemostrom Jag älskar också lokaltidningar.

@Miraz thank you. I’ll try this one. Never heard of before.

@dejus @miraz thank you, will look that up.

@Alligator @cn @jemostrom I figured out how to do it in Photos

@ajennische managed to solve the problem!