Andreas på M.B.

@maique Thanks for tips. Never heard of.

@pimoore thank you Pete!

@maique Thank you. It's been relaxing indeed, headache's not gone though.

@ajennische also caught a cold yesterday.

@Ron Yes, I’m working on it, thank you.

@ajennische Caught a cold. Not feeling good at all. I’ve taken my two shots of vaccine so I’m not that worried it’s covid-19, but I took a test anyway. Just to be sure. Guess I’ll have the results tomorrow.

@sod Jag vet. Vi har tur.

@maique Summer has been gone for some weeks but yesterday it did a comeback.

@ptrck yes, it’s a great place to have a beer at sun dawn.

@Gaby we are very lucky having access to this cottage.

@odd It’s easier said than done but it’s worth it. You have to appreciate the good things at the fullest.

@sod sylt eller rårörda. Gott till nästan all mat.

@g Mycket gärna!

@Jeena I see.

@pimoore loved it.

@acfusco I managed to fix it. But later I switched theme anyway.

@g Klipper mig his Aydin sedan 2019.

@Jeena all right! That sounds like fun.

@ajennische I did. Never used it though. Then it got cancelled.

@jeldo Hello! Where are you? Are you okay?

@g Lazy Barber! Där har jag klippt mig de senaste två åren.

@manton cool. works fine.

@dejus wow, that's a big van.

@crossingthethreshold I love that kind of phones. Remember my parents old number and the sound of dialling it.

@maique Looking forward to read all about it.