From todays lunch run in a cold Stockholm ❄️

Tried out Clubhouse for the first time today. I might have been lucky but fell into a very interesting talk about media, representation and why certain things never become big news. Anyone here active on Clubhouse?

All you Mac enthusiasts and experts here om MB, please help me with this problem: I need an easy way (without Photoshop) to crop images to 16:9 and thereafter save them as a .jpeg for web use (low resolution).

Next week we’re going to Dalarna for the weekend for some more snowboarding. Looking forward to it. Outside fun is the best we have right now.

Went snowboarding yesterday with my daughter. It was just great. Love winter in Stockholm.

I sat down to write an old school letter, on paper

I love this digital way of fast writing that goes online immediately. All I need is my smartphone. All my notes at work (journalist) are digital notes as well. Back in the days I used paper and pens but the transcription part, when the handwriting had to be transformed to digital text, took way too much time so I gave that up. For the same reason I try not to rely too much on recorded interviews. If a record I see the audio file as a backup, I can go back and listen if I missed a detail or if I have to double check something. Sometimes I forget to make good notes during a conversation/interview and that’s always a hassle afterwards. With all that said I start to re-evaluate the analog writing, all handwritten things. There’s something special about it, something that never can be digitalised: the feeling of holding a pen in hand and move it with just the right amount of pressure onto the paper. You create words. And if you get something wrong you will have some problems. It’s very hard to delete words on paper without traces. The handwriting acquire thinking in advance. It’s not always good, quite the opposite actually if you ask me. One of the good things with the kind of writing I’m doing right now is that it’s very direct, I’m hammering down my words to use the expression TMO used in a well written post about blogging the other day. Yesterday I really had to do some thinking before I set down to write. In the first time in many years I wrote a classic enveloped letter to an old friend, a relative that means a lot to me but who I rarely see or talk to. To write a classic letter during Christmas time felt like the right thing to do. It won’t interfere. I hope she’s able to read my handwriting though. Maybe I’ll get a response! When was last time you got a handwritten letter?

Bush möter Bush med Will Ferrell. Mycket roligt och konstigt. Hade aldrig sett detta om inte för min vän Tjurn.

Today’s morning walk.

What’s happening? I am sitting in the sofa watching tv. Listening to experts analysing the inauguration of Biden. I’m a bit tired after a long day of work meetings.

More winter in the Södermalm area, Stockholm.

Excellent journalism about what made a Manhattan writer turned to believe in QAnon

Snowy Stockholm. Ping @maique

Stockholm in snow

I drove to Tallkrogen to pick up my daughter at her friend. It’s been a couple of weeks since a used the car so I had to spend fifteen minutes or so with cleaning it from ice and snow. The winter has finally come to Stockholm. Tallkrogen was adorable in the winter outfit, snow and all on the roofs on the small houses crowding the area.

Liljeholmskajen in Stockholm. Went for a walk with wife and the twins.

now is the time of the year when swedes throw out the christmas tree.

I got a new job (I’m getting back to local news)

Now it’s official. I am happy to announce that I am going to start a new job. After 18 months as a news director at the business magazines Fastighetsnytt and Byggindustrin (about the real estate and construction business in Sweden and the Nordics) I’m going to be news director at Dagens Nyheter’s metropolitan division, the section that covers the Stockholm area. I am looking forward to it. A lot. Local news is the best.

Watching the Swedish tv show Farmen. It’s not great.

Ett välkommet avbrott bland alla långsamma dagar

I really have to downsize my presence on different platforms.

Am I going to keep MB? Bearblog? Posthaven? The last one I’ll keep forever, don’t really know about the other ones. Mb I like for the community, it actually works. WA has got the far best writing tool. Bearblog is the best looking. Posthaven will last forever and I really like the whole service.

Read this really interesting article about Lisboa today in one of Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper. It says the mayor is determined to make the inner city lively again by a new residential deal.

The prime minister of Sweden did a speech to the nation

The prime minister of Sweden spoke to the nation. The message: Cancel. Postpone. Keep social distance. The danger is not over. The virus continues to spread.

Just read The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead. What a novel. 📖

I just made a group on Facebook to cheer myself up. It’s in Swedish: Fula bilder i köket. It means Ugly pictures from kitchens.

Good morning mb. It’s been a while. The dark season is here in Stockholm and the pandemic is far from over. Actually it’s getting worse. I would have gone to a restaurant with my two best friends tonight but we had to cancel. And that’s fine, everybody has to cancel everything except work and school, but it makes life very slow. What if there was no internet? Books are the best but also communication.

Anyone read Rethinking Real Eastate by Dror Poleg?