Spent today here. It is such a conditioner for the soul.

📸 Banana Split

Home office


My favourite blogger on Write.as Grouch to 5K (and counting!) — tmo

I really like living in Stockholm but I can’t stop dreaming about a house in a rural area.

New post on my Blot blog! Not all counts

Winter’s back in Stockholm.

If anyone here on MB wants an invite to Clubhouse… let me know.

My day at home office this far: better than expected.

A late walk to the pharmacy feels like a treat after a day in front of the screen in the bedroom, aka “the office”.

Parental guidance

Best song today

Talked to my brother on the phone yesterday. He and his fiancĂ© had a baby son a month ago. I’m happy to be a uncle for the fifth time.

How can so many different blog platforms exist? I am myself using several of them but hey, that’s not recommended if you want to build a steady audience.

I am done doing this for now. Good night.

What a slow Saturday. Not great slow. And the kids, even slower and less great.

This is me today.

Went out for a morning walk. It was a bit chilly and the ice is back on the bay.

Trying too hard to be found

Changed the name for my Blot blog to lamningar.blot.im

The biggest Ikea store in Sweden has to cut down hard on the number of customers in the store due to new restrictions in Sweden. www.dn.se

This one is in Swedish! @maique It means “Easily the best team in the series”. MFF is the biggest football team in the city of Malmö, down in the lower south of Sweden. stickerspotter.blot.im


Last day at work tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m doing my last day at the business magazines Fastighetsnytt and Byggindustrin (about the real estate and construction businesses in Sweden). On Monday I’m doing my first day as news editor at Dagens Nyheter’s metropolitan section. That’s Sweden biggest daily, based in Stockholm. I’m a bit nervous. But I am very much looking forward to it.