scheduleJune 13, 2021

Good morning. I am spending this weekend at my favourite place on Earth. It’s Sunday and tomorrow is still far away. I feel good.

scheduleMay 28, 2021

Weekend paradise

Finally back out here. It’s been two weeks, way too long. Now is the best time if the year.

scheduleMay 27, 2021

Dressed up in running clothes, have to be ready when the lunch break comes. Turned the t-shirt outside in so my colleagues won’t notice the brand during the upcoming video conference.

scheduleMay 26, 2021

It’s raining cats and dogs in Stockholm at the moment. Talking about cats and dogs. In swedish we say it’s spöregnar.

scheduleMay 25, 2021

I had a couple of drinks with friends. My best friend turns 43 today and that’s worth celebrating. Tomorrow it’s my turn. 43 coming up for me as well.

scheduleMay 23, 2021

What is the best app for when it comes to everything else but writing? (Because iA writer is the best when it comes to that).

scheduleMay 22, 2021

Are you watching ESC? I like Italy. If I could I would give my vote to our Swedish star Tusse.