torsdag 30 juni 2016

Four sisters. 150629. Glindran, Sweden.


På engelska, men varför? För att det här är ett kort inlägg som jag först skrev på Ello och som jag bara återpublicerar här. 


Yesterday I found this picture by coincidence when I was going through my Google photos. "The assistent" snowed me what happened on this day a year ago and this picture... It's a good I one. It shows my three aunts and my mom. Lena, Ebba, Karin, Ingrid. All together. My mom Ebba is sitting on the second from three left. They all smile but the occasion isn't all happy. My grandmother Herthi had recently passed away and the four sisters is emptying and tidying her house. Their first home.
 It's stuffed with things. This is one of the last days they spent in the house and I went there to help. 
I took this picture when we all sat down for a coffee brake. I like the picture. It's real. And the memory is still very clear. I went through the house and took pictures of all the empty rooms but it's this picture who says the most. 

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