torsdag 28 april 2016

Om hur jag och Mimmi klarade ett hinder med hjälp av #kaffemaskinen

Kommer ni ihåg att #kaffemaskinen nu lanseras internationellt? Bra för det fortsätter idag. Jag har upptäckt att det går att berätta alldeles utomordentligt hurtiga self inprovement-berättelser utifrån #kaffemaskinen. 
Jag skrev nyligen detta på Medium:

The success story continues, #kaffemaskinen as a way to improve your productivity

Today me and my colleague Mimmi met at the #kaffemaskinen. It wasn't planned at all but it felt like someone had it planned for us. We were standing there, chitchatting waiting in line to the #kaffemaskinen when Mimmi suddenly bursts out:

"What does OFF mean?"

She was right. The #kaffemaskinen said OFF. Nothing more, nothing less. No more pieces of information. Not even a little "grounds bin full". 

I was puzzled. Mimmi was too. And then we realized noone could reach out to us and give us a helping hand. Henrik was in the goddamn Gothenburg. Jörgen... nowhere to be seen. 

Both of us processed this unspoken information in silence. 

I broke it. 

"Mimmi you have to do it yourself", I said, and added:

 "I'll help you if I can. I think you have to push the two buttons simultaneously".

Oh I wished Henrik was there. So sturdy and tall. 

But he was not. 

"Okay", said Mimmi. "I'll do it". 

She leaned forward a bit and put her pointing fingers right at the two worn out buttons. 

The display flickered. 

I held my breath. 

Bzzzzzzzz....... Katchoooooonnnggg.... Bzzzzz. 

The #kaffemaskinen was alive again!

We chanted Mimmi and I and Per and Elina, Tomasz and Håkan all came down to the lunchbunker to hear all about it. 

The sensemoral of all this: Aim for the same and your team will claim fame!

#kaffemaskinen – a dwell of truth

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