• Spent this afternoon watching a game of bandy. IRL. It was great. But my team IK Tellus lost, 2-8.

  • Today is football day. My daughter is playing a cup. I’ll work in the clubs café.

  • Det här är skrivet på en app som heter Drafts och som @Maique hyllar på Micro.Blog stup i kvarten. Den påminner om Anteckningar på IPhone men med några fler funktioner. Onödigt många om du frågar mig. Men att kunna skriva med markdown är bra.

  • Stockholm has got the autumn collection colours.

  • I find Casey Newtons way of working as a journalist very inspiring. He’s leaving The Verge (The Interface) for a go at Substack under the name Platformer.

  • This fatigue, I’m starting to think it’s boredom. I have the wife and kids around me and all but I find it hard right now to find those injections of joy you need now and then to stay on top of things.

  • I may destroy you, what a fantastic tv-show. Just watched episode number five and it really gets under your skin.

  • Jag är uppe tidigt

    Jag går en morgonpromenad längs vattnet och gatlyktorna är ännu tända. Det börjar onekligen bli mörkare, vilket känns i kroppen. Den extraenergi som sommarljuset brukar ge tynar bort nu. Jag tycker verkligen inte om det. Lösningen är att rikta uppmärksamheten mot allt som ger glädje.

  • Anyone had the chance to try out Telepath?

  • My day in three pictures. One of the best. #torplife

  • The hops looks fine over at torplife.

  • Good morning from Liljeholmskajen. It is a calm and soothing weather outside over here today. The morning 🏃🏼‍♂️ run made me glad.

  • Just read about Telepath. Anyone tried it yet? I’m very interested.

  • I am alone with the kids this week. My wife are visiting her mother and we are staying in Stockholm for work and school. I like it.

  • I live by the bridges.

  • Autumn is coming.

  • Friday afternoon but still work to do. I am so glad we’re driving to ur little haven later. Torplife, here we come again.

  • Working from home, give me you best and your worst. I like that I don’t have to rush home after work to cook for the kids. I’m not as fond of the lack of variation and other people. But with that said, I am very positive to the new ”office landscape”.

  • Apple Watch users, how's the recording function?

    Thursday. Listening to a podcast, putting together a newsletter for work. I asked my followers in Twitter about the Apple Watch and I am not completely convinced that’s an item I need. I have been thinking I would use the recording function and if you are using that please tell me if it’s working good. I often get good ideas for articles and come up with certain formulations when I run or walk and I have to make a note right away, otherwise the thought is lost. Apple Watch users, are that function working properly?

  • Sweden is playing against Portugal (soccer) here in Stockholm right now @maique

  • Bottenskrap.

  • Ok, time to fix dinner. Chili sin carne.

  • All you Apple folks on Micro.Blog! I keep wondering if I should buy an Apple Watch or not. You who have one, what’s good?

  • It is a rainy day in Stockholm. But I hacked the weather and got an hour free fom rain during my morning walk. Afterwards, when I was back inside: It started pouring down.

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