Cue outside a pizza and ice cream place in Gubbängen in the southern parts of Stockholm.

What a lovely evening.

Bjuder alla svenskläsande på lite stockholmiana.

I’m not 💯 happy with the functionality for sharing images in the mb app.


I’m going to buy myself a new mobile phone in a while I think. The iPhone 8 I have is getting worn out. Is it going to be a newer iPhone or maybe an android? I really like the shape and feel of the Sony Xperia 5 II.

This morning, all covered in snow again. #torplife

Met this

Today’s run was with company from the sun. #torplife

Andreas Slow Running Microcast

I wanted to try microcasting. It’s nothing much. But fun for me. 🎙

We packed the car and went to our little house in the countryside. It is so nice to be off work for some days.

Good news. In a couple of weeks you can pay for and enter the public transportation system in Stockholm with only a smartphone.

Homemade semlor.

In Sweden this was the night where you set the time at 3 am when it turned 2 am.

Night walking past the Deathstar

I like this house they built at Liljeholmskajen. When standing nearby it looks like the Deathstar.

New week starting

Tomorrow it’s Monday. That means an awful lot of work. I was talking to my cousin about my new job today and I said things I afterwards think are right. I realise it’s something else than I thought. It’s okay but it will take me time to adjust. And that’s okay.

My daughter and her friend at the skatepark today.


What a great tv show that is. Just finished the last season.

One thing I don’t like with Mb is the editor, the writing experience. Luckily I have iA Writer. That’s a magnificent writing editor.

Good saturday out of town

It was cold but sunny and it was the perfect thing to do today. Me, my wife and the twins drive to our beloved little house to clean it before spring comes hard. Today is what we in Sweden call “vårdagjämning”, the first day of the year when the day is as long as the night. From now on the day is becoming longer and longer all the way to midsummer. It’s not a public holiday or a day you celebrate with friends and family but it’s a day you look forward to. Winter in the Nordics are dark and long.

To get out here for a day, breath the air and spend time with my family outside the apartment makes me feel happy.

How’s your day?

Forced myself to run for 8k. I was worth it. It’s always is. But my right knee is starting to ache after a while. It never has before. Is it age? 👴

Anyone reading Karl-Ove Knausgård? 📖

The light is coming back to Stockholm!

Tomorrow is workday again. I am glad I have my job but it would be nice with a couple of days off. I haven’t had the time to reboot myself between my old job and this new one.

Sunday morning headache

Sunday morning headache here we go. And it’s not related to heavy drinking. Coffee and breakfast might make a difference. I’ll start with that.