Bästa till vaniljglass: sirap och salta jordnötter.

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Started this day with some uphill running

This sunday me and my old friend Daniel Eriksson are teaming up for the annial Katrineholm Swimrun. Daniel is working as a health coach and very fit. I am not. But I like running and open water swimming. The race is for us good clean fun and a nice way to hang out. And afterwards you get a nice runners high. You run for a bit you get into the water and then run for a bit again and swim again without changing clothes. First of all it’s a close to nature experience. If you haven’t tried swimrun I really recommend you do.

Helix pomatia in the backyard

I found this beautiful couple chilling around in the high grass. 

They are called vinbergssnäcka in swedish and _helix pomatia_ in latin. The english name I don’t know about. They are actually edible, but I have never heard about swedish people eating them.

Micro.blog! What do I have to do to get the images in an certain position in a blog post? @manton

This is how you connect Google analytics to your micro.blog-site

@martinfeld asked me how I did it and I figure I could show everyone in a special post. First of all I am very happy I managed to do this, I am no coder or tech specialist but as a journalist I am pretty good at searching for information on the internet. I found most if what I needed here and here. My english isn’t perfect so you have to excuse if my choices of words seem a little awkward sometimes. Allrigh let’s get to it. I have put this down as explanatory as possible.

  1. Set up a new property in Google analytics for your micro.blog..

  2. Copy the tracking ID, looks like UA-XXXXXX-X and paste in notes or something so easily can find it again in a short while.

  3. Log in to micro.blog. Go to your footer (Posts → Design → Edit).

  4. Here comes the most important part. You need to copy one of the two bits of codes listed below and replace the UA-XXXXX-Y with your specific tracking ID (see number 2 above on this list). The first bit (box) of code is for them who has a lot of users/readers with older web browsers. Use the other if your primarily visitors use modern browsers to access your site. (I choosed the second one). So, copy one of the bits of codes in the Google page I point you to here, then replace the tracking ID and paste into your footer on micro.blog and save.

  5. That’s it. Check into your Google analytics account and you will be able to see how many visitors your site has, how much time they spend on your site each time and where they live and so on.